March 9 2020


Speak the Language of the Kingdom of God


A word in the Jewish Season of Adar
Today I was meditating and listening to the Spirit of the Lord when I was suddenly prompted tonight to share this revelation out of the time and season that we are in. This month on the Hebrew calendar depicts the times and season of laughter, celebration and joy.
Although the enemy comes roaring loudly like a lion in this season, the worthy Lion of the Tribe of Judah is the authentic Lion, and is ready to ROAR from ZION! When the enemy is showing his hand it is a sure sign that you MUST Refuse and RESIST to TAKE fear from him -- do not let the enemy steal your goods! You are so close to the due season! God will do it!

Fear Laughs!
The full armor of God is getting a full workout. The warfare is on the left and the right. But this season of Adar declares that fear will laugh! This is an oxymoron--in this case, where two contradictory spiritual forces (fear and laughter) are connected and acted upon in truth, the result is breakthrough!

Notice that Job 5:22 says that "At destruction and famine you shall laugh. . . ." In other words, we are instructed to act in faith when the enemy hits-- by releasing the power of JOY residing in the Kingdom of God that is within you. Laughter and joy are the languages of the Kingdom of God, and the enemy flees!

You can act in the opposite spirit when the enemy is lying and trying to get you into fear, doubt, and unbelief. You can release the opposite -- the spirit of faith -- when fear is before you.

Proverbs 31:25 says, "...she LAUGHS at the future." the Message Bible translation reads "... she always faces tomorrow with a SMILE." (caps mine)

DEC 2019


     Today I want to address the issue concerning believers having anxiety and fear over the future.
   Jesus taught in the Gospels, "Take no thought for tomorrow". . . ( Matt 6:34) 
  Fearful or anxious thoughts steal your peace. Thoughts can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Here is a nugget of spiritual insight for peace of mind as you move ahead in the new year.
  Proverbs 31:25 declares that the godly woman laughs and has no fear over the future! This prophetic scripture is a promise that you as believers can laugh and have no fear of the future. One of the greatest needs believers are facing in this time of the church is to practically live out of the Kingdom of God from within.
  What brings this revelation of laughter home is when you have a working revelation of the abiding Kingdom of God within you, for you are a citizen of this Kingdom. You can live out of it from the inside out--not just quoting the scripture of what IS -- but unlocking and loosing WHAT MIGHT BE. You can live a passionate lifestyle of peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17) using the keys and laws of the Kingdom as a lifestyle.
  Laughter makes you feel like you're dreaming! Prophetically, laughter frames your future because faith produces joy and that births God's promises. (Sarah laughed when told she'd have a son in her old age. When he was born, she named him Isaac, which means 'laughter.')
   Renewing your thinking on the unshakable Kingdom of God transforms you to start acting like you're unshakable! Fear of the future will be shaken; and "At destruction and famine you will laugh." (Job 5:22). 
  Everything around you that can be shaken will --But Not You!


Focus on the Faithful One

October 2019

Dear Overcoming Ones!

   Looking back over this year, the faithfulness of God has met us every day and continues to do so as we continue this wonderful journey of faith! This brings me to share with you a scripture that the Spirit of God spoke to me a few weeks ago, as I sat down in my study to engage with the Word and His Presence. 

   The Holy Spirit spoke into my life with this word: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding...." [Prov 3:5] This speaks to me, with a revelation. This scripture should not only be a personal word when you need it, but it is to become a powerful lifestyle.

  Some of the ancient saints didn't automatically trust God or move with unquestionable obedience as some inspiring ones who did.

  For example, Noah had a word of wisdom about the future and to prepare for something that he had not heard of before called "rain." Imagine his reaction.
   But he built an ark on dry land anyway! He was required to not lean on his own understanding for 120 years! Jonah the prophet was given his prophetic assignment to preach in the sin-sick city of Nineveh, which was an enemy of Israel. Jonah ran from God when he leaned to his own understanding and almost missed preaching at Nineveh and hosting the breakout of that city's revival, where God turned away judgment for 150 years! 

   Joseph, the prophetic dreamer, had a wonderful dream from God concerning his destiny. However, after this revelation, came a series of contradictions in Joseph's circumstances after sharing the dream of reigning over his brothers. He was hit with personal violence, jealousy, and ultimately being sold into slavery in Egypt. In God's timing, Joseph was summoned to the Throne Room of Pharoah, who had need of Joseph's gift of dream interpretation.  However, that meeting was after 13 years of Joseph trusting the process and not leaning to his own understanding. It actually prepared him for that kairos moment that promoted him into realizing his dream-- as the second in command of Egypt!

 Esther, a Jewish orphan, eventually was engaged in one year of beauty preparation in Persia, resulting in her being chosen to be the queen by the pagan king. However, answering God's call to royalty came with a price that she didn't foresee. She could not lean to her own understanding, even though she knew that it could cost her life to go before the King unsummoned---on the Jews' behalf as God's chosen deliverer!

   What are you facing today?  It requires trusting in God rather than leaning to your own understanding. What has God spoken into your heart that seemingly makes no sense at all? Are circumstances going in the opposite direction of the promise you are standing on?

  Trusting in the Lord and leaning not to your own understanding actually gives you an opportunity, time and time again, to walk by faith and not by sight! 

  In the days to come, you are headed into one of the greatest blessings of your life. Don't lean to your own understanding, and you are going to rejoice over the faithfulness and the goodness of God! He is working it all out for you--- so He can get the glory in your life again! 

The key that I want to hand you today will turn your situation around for good and lead you into the manifested promises of God:Focus on the Faithful One!  


Breakthrough for YOUR Desires!

Dear Believing Ones! 
In Psalm 37, there is a favorite scripture promise that believers love to pull out and claim for themselves. It is found in verse 4: "Delight yourself also and He will give you the desires of your heart." When I read that promise recently the word ALSO jumped out at me-My eyes were opened to I see that ALSO is frequently omitted,when it is written or quoted.
Let us see how this keyword 'also' unlocks the revelation surrounding the promise that is vital to receiving the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 contains tthe word 'also' It is a word of inclusion meaning, that it includes the other faith components (requirement /instructions) in the context of preceeding verses. They are necessary to see the breakthrough manifestation of the scripture promise of Ps 37:4. Notice as you read the list that these faith keys they deal with adjusting the attitudes of the heart
Here they are:
-Don't WORRY about or ENVY sinners (v1)
-Remember the carnal life and desires of the sinners heart brings them to a destructive end (v 2)
-TRUST in the Lord; DO GOOD and DWELL in the land--(Live the Blessed Life) of being WILLING and OBEDIENT in Christ (v3)
-FEED or MEDITATE on His faithfulness; BE TRANSFORMED in heart that dissolves doubt and unbelief through renewing of your mind with the all scriptures that pertain to HIS faithfulness (v 3)
-DELIGHT or become SOFT and TENDER /PLIABLE in your heart (v 4)
--and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Many of you reading this article will see the scriptural desires of your heart manifest this year because you are willing and obedient to include and turn on the other faith keys that will adjust the attitudes of the heart. Make the necessary adjustments using these keys, and they will bring amazing breakthrough manifestations your life!
2 CHRON 20:20
 April 8, 2019

Dear Hungry Ones! 

The Bush is Burning; the Fire is Falling!


There is a multi-generational move of God's Spirit that is crushing, rooting out, pulling down destroying and overthrowing the following evil influences --  conformity, compromise, traditional religion and unbelief in the hearts of men and women, boys and girls hungering for God!
 No, you're not hearing  of it on the nightly news --yet. 
 There are hot spots throughout the nation where the people of God are making an exodus to where the Presence of God is making its habitation. There are significant 'glory carriers' who are riding the wave of  revival in this hour and are hosting these meetings. There will be increase in this Glory-carrying Leadership--as He wills!
God is wooing the hungry and thirsty ones and taking  them to a place in the Spirit where they can turn 360 degrees from the world, and place  their attention and their  hearts 360 degrees on  the Burning Bush of His Presence. Some people may call this personally "radical," but I call it a radical Revival! 
    Where is the fear of the Lord?  
I was mere babe in Christ,  however, I was asked to present a message to my church group. God laid on my heart 2 Chron 7:14. I sent the entire day intentionally shut up in my room in prayer  and mediating on that scripture, waiting on God before the evening meeting.  When the anointing came in me, I preached instead of giving a nice "talk". As I was preaching, the Fire of God met the hungry youth. and when repenting their hearts were set ablaze. They fell on their faces weeping on the floor before God. We experienced a shift and hungered for revival!
However after a couple weeks excitement over the what the Lord was beginning to do,  I arrived at the church for our  youth and young adult meeting and was shocked to see the look on the faces of some of the youths.They told me that the youth and young adult meetings were shut down permanently and we were to come down stairs to the service with the older members.
I never wanted to be part of such an  experience again. Where the fear of the Lord is not present in the top leadership, the result will be  the same--spiritually devastating disappointment for the spiritually hungry -- Never again ...
GOD restores
I am physically recovering as we come off the road
from traveling out of state to Holy Spirit  meetings. It IS a life changing encounter--when you turn aside to engage your attention upon the burning bush of HIS Presence! Being in the all Consuming Fire, the Presence of  the  Holy Spirit for days  have left me spiritually awestruck! Days of GAZING upon HIS Face; hearing wisdom and revelation in  the knowledge of Him; dwelling for days in His Glory; becoming heavenly wrecked and love sick for MORE of HIM!

Is this the picture and parable that the Spirit of the Lord is creating as He transforms the Lovely Face of the Bride of Christ?
New Wine, Fire and Revival 
I didn't fall backward like the OT priests did when the Presence of the Lord entered the Temple, but when the Presence of the Lord abides in  my body -- which is the temple of the Holy Ghost-- He can overwhelm me at any given moment!

In such a moment I surrendered  to  the Irresistible One--the  Divine Lover of our souls --the Song of Songs.  And HIS lovely Face appeared before me on the Dance Floor and gradually I was wooed by HIM during this large praise and worship service. Suddenly  I found myself wrapped in  His embrace that IS closer than my very breath!

In the days that followed  I was also filled with satisfaction and joy that in the meetings where the Spirit of the Lord is present there is   Liberty. How refreshing it was to experience this New Testament reality for days. I was continually being filled to overflowing with a total inebriation of the infilling of the Holy Ghost! Slowly and unsteady I left the last  meeting  FULL before it was over.
Confirmation of my Jesus encounter
             My Burning Bush encounter with Jesus was confirmed by the man of God-- the "glory carrier" hosting the Presence of God while speaking of Jesus, the Song of Songs, with all of us dancing with Him in the afternoon meetings.  
            But are the meetings of  the burning bush encounters really over? No. Spiritual Hunger  sparks a  strong response from Heaven. God loves spiritual Hunger in His people!
                                                    Get Hungry!
Hunger draws God with divine desire to feed and fill you with Himself! Hunger brings God  very close to you! It is like a blaze that has started and man will not be able to control it. God, the Consuming Fire, is going across this nation and straight to hungry hearts of every generation who will turn from the world, and turn their whole attention and heart to His Presence. 

Yes, we "danced" in the Consuming Fire of His Love, and  I melted. What I am left  with is the beginning of a 360 degree  transformation of  Divine Oneness with 

Make Yourself Ready!

Earthly wisdom is coming down!
This is the hour like none other! The signs of the times are increasing and breaking out at an alarming and  accelerated rate! Everything is coming to the Light.The hearts of men are being laid bare! God is pulling back the covers and lifting every lid that covers the deeds of darkness! 

"Woe to those who calls evil good and good evil; who put darkness for  light and light for darkness! ...Woe to those whop are wise in their own eyes..." ( Is 5:20)

Who thinks double talk  will capture the advantage over others in the affairs of life? ( Prov 4:24) How can the godly walk in the counsel of the ungodly which is earthly wisdom and expect to be like a leaf that doesn't wither, and to prosper with everything he/she does?" ( Ps 1:1-3) 

"But the wisdom that is from above is pure full of peace gentle easy to be received, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy." ( James 1:17) 
The Wisdom of God comes with rewards--riches and honor promotion length of days!" ( Prov4:8-10)
  The secure and self confident ones who wield carnal influence and carnal power, so that it makes the righteous groan, are going off the rails! Look around and see the "best laid plans of mice and men" begin to unravel like a tattered garment! 

In our midst there is a sovereign and swift  work of the Holy Spirit in this hour.
He who has eyes let him see! He who has ear s let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.  

Where is the fear of the Lord?
   Heaven stands and watches!   
             Truth comes to roost in the House of God!

Elijah the prophet asked, "How long will halt between two opinions?" 

Virgins are you waiting for the Master's Return? Are your Lamps filled with oil? Who among you has a  divided heart? 

No longer can believers talk the walk and be double minded.  "You cannot serve two masters" The Bride only has one Groom! HIS Name is Jesus! And He will be  sent to catch His Bride away who wears the veil of separation from the world and is filled with His Spirit! Jesus Christ the Head of the Church, is the Eternal Bridegroom of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, looking at His Beloved Bride for Eternity... 

"And to her it was granted be arrayed in fine linen clean and bright for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints." ( Rev 19: 8) 
"'...Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!'"( Rev 19:9)

Why Not Laugh?

January 2019

When I was serving in my first phase of ministry, I was told that I was not to pick a particular song for a service because it was "political."

I went on to pick another selection for the worship song line-up. As I thought about what just happened, sometime later I still couldn't reconcile it in my spirit, that singing the Word of God was being censored to sing concerning Jerusalem, and how and why He sovereignly and tenderly exists over and surrounds His ancient ones.

When we look at the vision and the covenant that the Lord made with Abraham,  believers should be able to readily see that the promise of Isaac was the affirmation of God desiring to start the plan for our redemption, and it is found in one word: covenant. This is where most believers miss understanding the Love and zeal of the Lord. Some take the attitude that Israel is all about politics in relation to the contending Nations --disregarding what the Word has to say.  

This brings me to the subject of my post today. In Psalm 2 verse 1, the Holy Spirit asks the reader a question: "Why do the nations rage, and the people plot in a vain thing?"

With all the pressure that is heating up in the spirit realm, the adversary has been working overtime "raging" via the the nations in attempting to establish their wicked schemes -- which ultimately contend agonist the  plan of God.

The Church, corporately and individually on the earth, is in a spiritual battle as described in Eph 6. There are many believers who avoid the reality that the political war involving the nations is really a manifestation of what is happening in the ream of the spirit. 

But, we as the Church, can rejoice that God has provided us with HIS King of kings, our Messiah. He has already overcome the world ...and has won the victory!  

Prophesy is still coming to pass before our eyes!

The only reason we need to rejoice and laugh with God is that no weapon formed against Israel can prosper (see Isaiah 54:17) or has never done so! Nothing can stop the Kingdom of God from advancing in the earth! And the laborers, though they be few, are still bringing in the Harvest, before Messiah's soon Return. 
We can surely laugh with our God!

 "He Who sits in the heavens shall laugh..." ( NKJV)

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