Offense:Something Greater Beyond the Sting

Joyful Ones!

Better things are coming!

         One of my favorite things since I was in the third grade was to sing in the school choirs and concerts. That eventually led to studying classical voice, and opening doors for  some secular opportunities to sing solo. However, with  my good intentions, I pushed ahead to sing a "special" during Sunday evening service.  What a mistake that was!

         I knew the words and the melody to the song and I had no rehearsal. But what made matters worse, the jealous accompanist broke out of the song into keyboard runs, up and down the scale like he was a solo pianist in a concert -- leaving me to fall flat on my face! That was a valuable lesson, of going ahead of God's timing, even if I was well meaning.  I also realized that God knows hearts, and the Word says we are  to know them who labor among us! (1 Thess 5:12)
       When the fiasco was over, an experienced night club singer who  frequently attended the church came over and encouraged me and  affirmed me as a vocalist!  That's just like God.
        I didn't get offended. I learned from  it instead and became wise. There was something greater beyond the sting of the offense, and we must always have eyes to see and ears to hear .

      I will tell you the "something greater" that was beyond the sting of offense.  During our honeymoon in Jerusalem, I found myself singing with my voice carrying the Word  by the wind  from  an amazing balcony in a quaint  little park.   I was singing one of my original songs from my new CD, and an audience of Israelis spontaneously gathered  to hear me sing!   Isn't  that just like God? 

    Be zealous!

   YOU are to remain unmovable, productive and profitable as a God-pleaser.

   Joyful Ones, the plans that He has for you are far greater than the temporary sting of  the offender. There are plenty of blessings, prophetic words that are  coming to pass in your life,  and destines ready to be stepped into. Many of you are on the cusp of a new day,

     But  remember what Jesus the Messiah warned: Offenses will come. Woe to those through whom they come. ( Lk 17:1)
    Offenses are meant to disempower you! Don't  allow an offense to trap you in resentment and bitterness. That will ultimately  trap your potential, your gifts and talents, and the  joy of  serving God -- always with expectation of better things to come.

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