Put Off the Sackcloth!


      Throughout the neighborhoods across America,  Christmas trees long gone and window lights and lawn decorations are turned out  for another year. The year is beginning to crank up in momentum and headed to God knows where.

     In the last few days I felt like piercings of a sword in my emotional realm over deferred and unrealized expectations of the last year. There was a  recurring sensation to cry infrequently  but no tears would come. It drew my attention but I didn't know quite how to handel it.

     Recently, I had an encounter with the Lord through a dream, and after the  interpretation, it was clear that it personally dealt with how I was to enter into 2018 as He provided  words of wisdom and understanding, as we head into 2018. As the revelation of God  pierced my heart and soul, I heard Him speak directly to the wound within, where the enemy had brought  piercing torment concerning some things in  the last year.

       As the revelation of deliverance was working in me, a major realization  was birthed of what this all meant. Prophetically I was also feeling the "sympathy pains" of the  piercing swords of the enemy and his torments  happening throughout  the corporate Body of Christ.

      This brings me to my message of deliverance and healing, as we step into the river of Glory in the first-fruit month of January 2018.

     Although there is nothing new under the sun, the enemy of our souls is continually contending against God and His people to defeat them.  The adversary is attempting in this hour to cloak  the righteous with grief of the soul over certain events of the last year -- and thoughts of what could of, or should have happened.

    Today I am sensing that there are a great company of  believers stuck in the wilderness, who have been cloaked by the enemy with a spirit of mourning or feeling  emotionally widowed  and forsaken.

    In the biblical account of Ruth, her widowed life gives  some practical revelation that  is the  empowerment for the Body of Christ  to throw off the  adversary's  cursed cloak of grief  and not be robbed of the better things to come in 2018.

    Ruth was a widow, unemployed, a pagan, and without hope. Seeing that she was married to a Hebrew, she was set apart to the congregation  of the righteous of Israel. After her marriage  was lost when he passed away, Ruth seized a powerful opportunity. The first thing Ruth chose to do was to make a vow and connect herself to the anointing. She made the Living God of Israel her God. ( Ruth 1:16-17)
    The enemy is out to destroy your relationship to the Anointed One, by oppressing your soul so you cannot break free.  If he can get you to disconnect from your First Love, Jesus, this would be likened to  a POWER Outage in your spiritual life.Spiritual empowerment comes from  remaining connected with the Anointed One.

    Secondly,  Ruth followed through with her vow by being a faithful servant to her mother in law, Naomi. 
    In the faith process of  throwing off the cloak of mourning over the past, following  through with your commitment to your First Love, will move God to empower and launch you  to serve Him mightily in 2018.

    Lastly, Ruth shows us to walk by faith and not by sight. When she did, she was walking towards her inheritance all the time. When Ruth  entered  into the city of Bethlehem with her mother in law Naomi, she crossed over the threshold leading to her full restoration  of her destiny--both spiritually and naturally. Ruth's life shows us that NOTHING changes the 2018 ordained opportunities that God has in store for you.   

     This is an amazing year that lies before us!
    When I meditated on the revelation of Ruth's  life,  I decided to make a prophetic act of  sealing my deliverance  in throwing off the cloak of grief. I decided to prophetically  put off my "sackcloth" of the last season, by literally removing the  present garment I was wearing during prayer, and replacing it with wearing a yellow ( color of joy) robe that had a  beautiful scent. This robe  was  actually given to me by my own  mother in law, Mom Cardinale, who is now enjoying Heaven.  

   Throughout the process, the words to a song I knew floated to my mind out of Psalm 30:11 -- "Thou has turned my mourning into dancing for me. Thou has put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness."



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