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You know friends, I've had a holy sense of excitement that began stirring in my spirit for several days now. Our city is getting her moment of fame besides the Buffalo Bills winning a home game in a snowstorm several weeks ago. I also watched as our football team, on that freezing but the beautiful eve of this brand new year enjoyed a miracle of miracles. It was truly sweet because, after years of bitter uphill struggles to realize their dream of going to the playoffs, their turning point came. Our struggling team will go to the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

Prophetic words and insights from the 5-fold apostles and prophets are being released now concerning 2018. Seeing a miracle turning point for our football team also opened my eyes with prophetic understanding to see major turning points that are in store for believers in Christ.

Longstanding defeat opens the way for an outstanding turnaround.  

Prophetically, when the turning point moment happened for the home team I felt a sudden "Issachar moment." January 2018 begins the first month of a new year full of divine turning points for the Body of Christ. Open doors will be sudden game changers! 

What I'm bringing prophetically to the table is this: God uses your longstanding defeats to prepare the way for outstanding turning points. Personally, I'm already witnessing a spiritual turning point for someone who had a bitter root for years.

I feel that God is saying that, in order to see a turning point in your situations and circumstances, you must know what to do so you can move into it. And with good reason. Isaiah 33:6 declares that it is Wisdom and knowledge that gives a stable life. Be awakened! You are being called upon to have stability before your turning point. 

                                             "First things first."

In 1 Kings 3:5-14, Solomon's prayer encounter with God in a dream resulted in the turning point in Solomon's royal destiny. Solomon's prayer gives us three keys to put first that will begin to unlock Wisdom for your turning point and for your destiny in 2018.

First, humble oneself and admit one's need for Wisdom. Solomon humbled himself by admitting he was like a child in his lack of wisdom to rule and reign God's people.

Secondly, making the commitment to become the man or woman of wisdom and it will develop a discerning heart. Solomon desired above all else a discerning heart to rule in Israel according to his reverence for the Lord.

The third key is what brings the other two points home for a victory -- Wisdom is justified of her children. When you put Wisdom first.
, and walk in the revelation that Wisdom, and it will become the divine vindicator on your behalf concerning anything you face!

Being inspired by the Holy Spirit, King Solomon left a great legacy in writing the book of Proverbs. The message is clear:        

                          "Get Wisdom and get understanding."

Be expecting and prepared for your turning point in 2018.

A prophetic word in season: There are going to be some doors that are going to open wide with sudden favor and turnaround abundance in this new year. There are turning points on the threshold of this new year that are double for all your trouble. Like my hometown football team, you will experience a turning point in 2018.

     It sure feels good to be inside during this cold spell. Let's grab some delicious muffins, and fill our mugs with a cappuccino, also bring on the lattes and the hot chocolate!

   I'll pour up some tea. Get cozy and be full of comfort in the Holy Spirit!

Hey, I'm thinking of how good that new Buffalo plaid flannel shirt, in my closet will feel good right now. It's time. I'm coming for ya causeI'm headed to a weekend--- with below zero wind chills! 

From the Miami of the North!

Happy New Year mates! 

Cheers! :)


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