Grace to you Overcomers!

       Some years ago I was reading a book about different aspects of the Blood of Jesus. What I found especially significant was about how we can go about activating the power of the Blood every day in every area of our lives. The author gave testimonies of believers who had experienced  11th hour miracles of intervention and protection, deliverance and healing through confessing, claiming and standing in the Blood of Jesus by faith.


     I recently have been engaged in a personal Bible study on the Blood of Jesus. The accuser of the brethren ( satan)  has worked against the Church relentlessly with deception -- bringing doubt and unbelief concerning the Blood of Jesus and its necessity for our complete redemption in Christ. 
        In some church circles, hymns that mention the Blood of Jesus have been removed,  and there is no preaching or active discerning the Blood of Jesus anymore as being part of the foundational doctrine of the  New Testament Church. However, we know that Life is in the Blood. ( Lev 17:11)   
       During my recent scripture study on the Blood of Jesus, interestingly enough, I ran across a scripture where Moses was ministering out of a bowl of blood from animal sacrifices, by sprinkling the blood on the people. ( Ex 24:28)
Then I went over to the Book of Leviticus  8:24 (NTL)  and one powerful truth stood out to me concerning what Moses also did with the blood.

"...He  then splattered the rest of the blood against all sides of the altar."

The Blood-Stained Altar

           During this season of preparing yourself to celebrate the Resurrection of the Messiah, study and meditate on the New Testament fulfillment of the redemptive work through the Blood of Jesus and you will increase in faith-- and have greater faith in His Blood to activate its power through confessing and claiming all of the benefits!
      Lay hold of the Precious Blood of Jesus for answered prayer! It will reconcile you to the Father ( Col 1:20). It will restore you to family, and restore lost blessings. Decide to walk by faith with confidence and boldness in the revelation of its miracle-working power for healing and divine health  ( 1 Peter 2:24)  

There is so much more that is always available to you! All you have to do is... Come to the Blood-Stained Altar!

He is Risen indeed!


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