Biblical Faith Looks Like Something!


Are you a dreamer? If you have a desire, a goal or a vision, then you are!

     It's no surprise that as a dreamer, one of my favorite figures in the Bible actually happens  to be  a prophetic dreamer, whose name is Joseph. And he had one opportunity after another to miss the appointed time of his dream to come to pass.  However, he didn't miss one, not one opportunity to snatch victory out the opposition's jaws of defeat.

     In the last few seasons I've been engaged in believing God and yearning for my 'dream' to come to pass in certain areas of my life.  I was seeing small blades of the dream starting to sprout up here and there, but the appointed time is still on the way.
    But then, I was sitting at my desk, when suddenly I was nudged by the Spirit to write you and to let you know that -- as God reminded me --  He wants to remind you to  keep your spiritual perspective and endure the process of believing for your dream to manifest.

       Biblical faith looks like something!     

      The training and equipping that happens as the believer waits on God brings you into a deeper understanding that biblical faith looks like something. It also means having to guard against a complaining attitude. No matter how slight your murmuring and complaining may be, this is the opposite of releasing faith in the promises of God. 
        Keep your heart soft and teachable

        Remember the sin of  murmuring and complaining throughout the Moses generation? It hardened their hearts and unbelief caused them to perish in the wilderness. (Heb 3:7-19) That generation couldn't trust God to lead them into their inheritance. 
        But Joseph's life was a demonstration of what biblical faith looks like, although he endured a thirteen-year period of waiting. In captivity
        From the time he was sold into slavery until he was forgotten in the jail for two years, he did not give up on his dream. It was a rough roller coaster ride of sever opposition and wrongful offenses.
He finally stepped out of his training for reigning. It was God's appointed time for his dream to manifest. Joseph was given his place of reigning as second in command of Egypt!      

       In the process of being a slave in Egypt, did Joseph ask where was his dream? What was Joseph's disposition when he thought of the dream? The temptation to complain is great when you think  things aren't moving fast enough, and you question when your dream is going to happen --if  at all.
      However, several times it is mentioned when Joseph suffered trials, that God was with him.  And Joseph was able to keep his heart soft because he knew God was with him, and he trusted Him.      

     Joseph had the blessing upon him as a Hebrew, with a future full of hope and expectancy to come to pass, however he saw the need to sow and minister in the lives of others throughout the process! The life of Joseph gives us some major keys to how to wait for the appointed time of your vision.

     Dreamers always keep believing and don't give up!  
     Dreamers take the spiritual perspective and never miss an appointed time of your dreams! Now is not the time ever to cast away your godly confidence! ( Heb10:35-39)
     Faith looks like humility. Faith serves another. Faith looks like love because faith works by love. Faith looks like trust and can submit  to the Wisdom of God and doesn't lean to one's own understanding. Faith looks like the dreamers' servant!


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