YOU Are Going to need FAVOR in this HOUR!

Dear Tenacious Ones in Christ!

Since it is the celebration of Israel's 70th birthday, I want to share a situation that my husband and I were once in while returning to the United States from one of our trips from Jerusalem.

It was our last evening, and we were spending it enjoying  dinner in Tel Aviv among Israelis, including an IDF soldier sitting across from us -- adding to the reality of the Middle Eastern lifestyle.

In a few hours we would be at the airport flying out to the States. We learned of some news from our cabbie that flights might be canceled or severely delayed. Flights returning to the U.S. would have to fly over Greenland, where a volcano was erupting. Hoping for a relatively easy baggage check, I had to open my suitcase and plunder through all my belongings piece by piece while everyone it seemed watched. It felt like a spectacle. "Why Lord am I going through such a humiliation for the first time in the airport--on our way home?" I asked Him in my heart.

Suddenly, when I got to the middle layer of my clothes I pulled out a CD by a well known Israeli artist. The customs official stopped me from taking the next thing out of my suitcase, and took the CD out of my hand and studied it. This pop CD was a gift to me from our dear Sabra (native Israeli) friend we met in Israel years before as our restaurant server in our hotel.

     With a big smile on her face, this thirty-something customs agent gave it back to me and said I could close my suitcase and proceed. 

     God used that pop Israeli CD to soften her heart so I could experience the favor of God! With the crisis over the volcano, they began picking the people who could go to the US on our scheduled return flight. My husband and I prayed, and thankfully we were nearly the last people to be picked to board!
    The Lord chose us to go with Him to Jerusalem, and He would escort us back to the States. We landed in Toronto, Canada, and drove across the US border to the US customs at the Peace Bridge, where the custom's officer looked at our packed car and asked us where are returning from. We told him Jerusalem! He exclaimed "Welcome home!" That was the favor of God!

Are you finding yourself in a snare of a crisis situation? Do you desire a specific job or career? Are you needing a miracle? Desire promotion? Do you need an open door that no man can shut? YOU are going to need FAVOR.

Today we are going to briefly look at 2 Kings 4 and discover that when you align yourself in proximity to God you can receive the favor you need no matter situation you face in your life.

       There was a rich Shunammite woman who was barren, and her elderly husband would serve the prophet Elisha a meal. Eventually she ministered to his needs by making accommodations for him to rest. Seeing that she blessed him, Elisha was moved to give her a prophet's reward. He inquired of his servant Gehazi as to  what should be done for her. Gehazi knew that she had no child. 
 So Elisha ministered to her and gave her a word of wisdom, that the following year she would embrace a son. And as time passed she was given the desire of her heart--a son.

       Later the boy, now grown, was suddenly stricken and carried to his mother and died on her lap. Now I want you to notice something. The Shunammite put her faith in action and put herself and her son in proximity to receive favor of God -- and received her son back to life because she was in proximity of the prophet. She sowed into Elisha's life and reaped a prophet’s reward of her own!

     In verse 21 she carried the boy to the very room of the prophet and laid him on the bed. Elisha's bed had his anointing, and the very air was permeated with his anointing. In other words you need to lay your problem down, cast it upon the Lord, and get into the Presence and in the anointing of God. Getting into the anointing is how you receive favor from God.

  Secondly, the Shunammite woman said nothing of her crisis but she stayed focused in faith to get to the prophet. Similarly you will have to shut off unbelief and not lose time conferring with people's wisdom, traditions and religion ( v 22-24) 
     When you are in a crisis you have to seek God and the  faith-filled  man or woman of God  HE sends while you  speak faith as you go. This Shunammite woman obeyed the prophet Elisha and she prospered! (2 Chron 20:20)  Like this woman's son who was resurrected from the dead, you can receive a blessing from the prophets who can impart a Resurrection  word or prayer, when the  anointing is released to bring the 'dead' situation back to life.

Lastly the Shunammite woman was tenacious in her faith!
She confessed and decreed faith's desired  outcome --
All is well.
Holding to the prophet’s feet and refusing to let go she continued to asks for confirmation about her prophet's reward instead of speaking unbelief. (v 26-30) By faith you must hold on to God and His promises, and never let go no matter what the natural circumstance yells at you! Acknowledge and confess that you are surrounded by a shield of FAVOR! ( PS 5:12)  
In this hour get into  align yourself  for His supernatural favor.
...and don't let Him go...don't leave His Presence-- until He blesses YOU!


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