Jan 2019

Happy New Year!

It was like an arrow  of revelation concerning this new year just stuck in my spirit man!

Prophetic words for 2019 are flying around with great expectation speaking of "acceleration" and "suddenly". 

The  acceleration of the Spirit is something our emotions get excited about.  That's because it can mean, for example, that answers to prayer will manifest quickly, or longstanding situations or hard times will be touched suddenly by God and be changed in an instant! 

However, for what God  intends for 2019 , it is going to require sacrifice. Believers in Messiah will embrace their Comforter in new ways! This is the time for the Body of Messiah to Awake, to be Alert and to become Aware in knowing how to keep up with Him--by praying for it.
It's time to put distractions away and focus on exercising discernment for a sense of His timing.

"Jonah" will have to stop running from God and start to run  into God's Best! The lukewarm will be knocked off  the fence by the swift wind of the Spirit and become either spiritually cold or  hot for the things of the Spirit!
2019  is going to require some of you to forget the past and stop looking back!

Don't  long for or try to open doors that God has closed and has long since thrown away the key! For your own good, don't run the risk of  hardening  your heart and falling into unbelief. God's plan in the days ahead of you is above and beyond what you can imagine or think! ( Eph 3:20) Stir up your gift! 

It's time to put childish things away and start taking the times seriously,  because things are not going to be the same as you have experienced in the day to day. It's not  business as usual!  

I've already had a taste of this  kind of change that actually began in the last season of 2018. Personal circumstances in November were inflamed into a fiery trial that ushered me into  the "prophet's cave." In the process, I was spiritually protected and sustained on "bread and water." While the season of Christmas was gloriously carrying on, I was undergoing the divine process of pruning. 

Be  ready to undergo deeper changes of the heart in 2019.

The Body of Messiah is being called upon to corporately and individually renounce and put away the  earthly wisdom that has crept into the Kingdom of God from the outside culture.  Close the door on ALL that is contending against and diluting the power of the Word of God in your lives.

As believers in Messiah Jesus, make it your aim to know Him, and the power of His Resurrection, and press towards the high calling in Him, as you  accomplish God's Plan and begin to bear fruit in this hour of the Church!


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