Why Not Laugh?

January 2019

When I was serving in my first phase of ministry, I was told that I was not to pick a particular song for a service because it was "political."

I went on to pick another selection for the worship song line-up. As I thought about what just happened, sometime later I still couldn't reconcile it in my spirit, that singing the Word of God was being censored to sing concerning Jerusalem, and how and why He sovereignly and tenderly exists over and surrounds His ancient ones.

When we look at the vision and the covenant that the Lord made with Abraham,  believers should be able to readily see that the promise of Isaac was the affirmation of God desiring to start the plan for our redemption, and it is found in one word: covenant. This is where most believers miss understanding the Love and zeal of the Lord. Some take the attitude that Israel is all about politics in relation to the contending Nations --disregarding what the Word has to say.  

This brings me to the subject of my post today. In Psalm 2 verse 1, the Holy Spirit asks the reader a question: "Why do the nations rage, and the people plot in a vain thing?"

With all the pressure that is heating up in the spirit realm, the adversary has been working overtime "raging" via the the nations in attempting to establish their wicked schemes -- which ultimately contend agonist the  plan of God.

The Church, corporately and individually on the earth, is in a spiritual battle as described in Eph 6. There are many believers who avoid the reality that the political war involving the nations is really a manifestation of what is happening in the ream of the spirit. 

But, we as the Church, can rejoice that God has provided us with HIS King of kings, our Messiah. He has already overcome the world ...and has won the victory!  

Prophesy is still coming to pass before our eyes!

The only reason we need to rejoice and laugh with God is that no weapon formed against Israel can prosper (see Isaiah 54:17) or has never done so! Nothing can stop the Kingdom of God from advancing in the earth! And the laborers, though they be few, are still bringing in the Harvest, before Messiah's soon Return. 
We can surely laugh with our God!

 "He Who sits in the heavens shall laugh..." ( NKJV)

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