April 8, 2019

Dear Hungry Ones! 

The Bush is Burning; the Fire is Falling!


There is a multi-generational move of God's Spirit that is crushing, rooting out, pulling down destroying and overthrowing the following evil influences --  conformity, compromise, traditional religion and unbelief in the hearts of men and women, boys and girls hungering for God!
 No, you're not hearing  of it on the nightly news --yet. 
 There are hot spots throughout the nation where the people of God are making an exodus to where the Presence of God is making its habitation. There are significant 'glory carriers' who are riding the wave of  revival in this hour and are hosting these meetings. There will be increase in this Glory-carrying Leadership--as He wills!
God is wooing the hungry and thirsty ones and taking  them to a place in the Spirit where they can turn 360 degrees from the world, and place  their attention and their  hearts 360 degrees on  the Burning Bush of His Presence. Some people may call this personally "radical," but I call it a radical Revival! 
    Where is the fear of the Lord?  
I was mere babe in Christ,  however, I was asked to present a message to my church group. God laid on my heart 2 Chron 7:14. I sent the entire day intentionally shut up in my room in prayer  and mediating on that scripture, waiting on God before the evening meeting.  When the anointing came in me, I preached instead of giving a nice "talk". As I was preaching, the Fire of God met the hungry youth. and when repenting their hearts were set ablaze. They fell on their faces weeping on the floor before God. We experienced a shift and hungered for revival!
However after a couple weeks excitement over the what the Lord was beginning to do,  I arrived at the church for our  youth and young adult meeting and was shocked to see the look on the faces of some of the youths.They told me that the youth and young adult meetings were shut down permanently and we were to come down stairs to the service with the older members.
I never wanted to be part of such an  experience again. Where the fear of the Lord is not present in the top leadership, the result will be  the same--spiritually devastating disappointment for the spiritually hungry -- Never again ...
GOD restores
I am physically recovering as we come off the road
from traveling out of state to Holy Spirit  meetings. It IS a life changing encounter--when you turn aside to engage your attention upon the burning bush of HIS Presence! Being in the all Consuming Fire, the Presence of  the  Holy Spirit for days  have left me spiritually awestruck! Days of GAZING upon HIS Face; hearing wisdom and revelation in  the knowledge of Him; dwelling for days in His Glory; becoming heavenly wrecked and love sick for MORE of HIM!

Is this the picture and parable that the Spirit of the Lord is creating as He transforms the Lovely Face of the Bride of Christ?
New Wine, Fire and Revival 
I didn't fall backward like the OT priests did when the Presence of the Lord entered the Temple, but when the Presence of the Lord abides in  my body -- which is the temple of the Holy Ghost-- He can overwhelm me at any given moment!

In such a moment I surrendered  to  the Irresistible One--the  Divine Lover of our souls --the Song of Songs.  And HIS lovely Face appeared before me on the Dance Floor and gradually I was wooed by HIM during this large praise and worship service. Suddenly  I found myself wrapped in  His embrace that IS closer than my very breath!

In the days that followed  I was also filled with satisfaction and joy that in the meetings where the Spirit of the Lord is present there is   Liberty. How refreshing it was to experience this New Testament reality for days. I was continually being filled to overflowing with a total inebriation of the infilling of the Holy Ghost! Slowly and unsteady I left the last  meeting  FULL before it was over.
Confirmation of my Jesus encounter
             My Burning Bush encounter with Jesus was confirmed by the man of God-- the "glory carrier" hosting the Presence of God while speaking of Jesus, the Song of Songs, with all of us dancing with Him in the afternoon meetings.  
            But are the meetings of  the burning bush encounters really over? No. Spiritual Hunger  sparks a  strong response from Heaven. God loves spiritual Hunger in His people!
                                                    Get Hungry!
Hunger draws God with divine desire to feed and fill you with Himself! Hunger brings God  very close to you! It is like a blaze that has started and man will not be able to control it. God, the Consuming Fire, is going across this nation and straight to hungry hearts of every generation who will turn from the world, and turn their whole attention and heart to His Presence. 

Yes, we "danced" in the Consuming Fire of His Love, and  I melted. What I am left  with is the beginning of a 360 degree  transformation of  Divine Oneness with 

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