Focus on the Faithful One

October 2019

Dear Overcoming Ones!

   Looking back over this year, the faithfulness of God has met us every day and continues to do so as we continue this wonderful journey of faith! This brings me to share with you a scripture that the Spirit of God spoke to me a few weeks ago, as I sat down in my study to engage with the Word and His Presence. 

   The Holy Spirit spoke into my life with this word: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding...." [Prov 3:5] This speaks to me, with a revelation. This scripture should not only be a personal word when you need it, but it is to become a powerful lifestyle.

  Some of the ancient saints didn't automatically trust God or move with unquestionable obedience as some inspiring ones who did.

  For example, Noah had a word of wisdom about the future and to prepare for something that he had not heard of before called "rain." Imagine his reaction.
   But he built an ark on dry land anyway! He was required to not lean on his own understanding for 120 years! Jonah the prophet was given his prophetic assignment to preach in the sin-sick city of Nineveh, which was an enemy of Israel. Jonah ran from God when he leaned to his own understanding and almost missed preaching at Nineveh and hosting the breakout of that city's revival, where God turned away judgment for 150 years! 

   Joseph, the prophetic dreamer, had a wonderful dream from God concerning his destiny. However, after this revelation, came a series of contradictions in Joseph's circumstances after sharing the dream of reigning over his brothers. He was hit with personal violence, jealousy, and ultimately being sold into slavery in Egypt. In God's timing, Joseph was summoned to the Throne Room of Pharoah, who had need of Joseph's gift of dream interpretation.  However, that meeting was after 13 years of Joseph trusting the process and not leaning to his own understanding. It actually prepared him for that kairos moment that promoted him into realizing his dream-- as the second in command of Egypt!

 Esther, a Jewish orphan, eventually was engaged in one year of beauty preparation in Persia, resulting in her being chosen to be the queen by the pagan king. However, answering God's call to royalty came with a price that she didn't foresee. She could not lean to her own understanding, even though she knew that it could cost her life to go before the King unsummoned---on the Jews' behalf as God's chosen deliverer!

   What are you facing today?  It requires trusting in God rather than leaning to your own understanding. What has God spoken into your heart that seemingly makes no sense at all? Are circumstances going in the opposite direction of the promise you are standing on?

  Trusting in the Lord and leaning not to your own understanding actually gives you an opportunity, time and time again, to walk by faith and not by sight! 

  In the days to come, you are headed into one of the greatest blessings of your life. Don't lean to your own understanding, and you are going to rejoice over the faithfulness and the goodness of God! He is working it all out for you--- so He can get the glory in your life again! 

The key that I want to hand you today will turn your situation around for good and lead you into the manifested promises of God:Focus on the Faithful One!  


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