DEC 2019


     Today I want to address the issue concerning believers having anxiety and fear over the future.
   Jesus taught in the Gospels, "Take no thought for tomorrow". . . ( Matt 6:34) 
  Fearful or anxious thoughts steal your peace. Thoughts can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Here is a nugget of spiritual insight for peace of mind as you move ahead in the new year.
  Proverbs 31:25 declares that the godly woman laughs and has no fear over the future! This prophetic scripture is a promise that you as believers can laugh and have no fear of the future. One of the greatest needs believers are facing in this time of the church is to practically live out of the Kingdom of God from within.
  What brings this revelation of laughter home is when you have a working revelation of the abiding Kingdom of God within you, for you are a citizen of this Kingdom. You can live out of it from the inside out--not just quoting the scripture of what IS -- but unlocking and loosing WHAT MIGHT BE. You can live a passionate lifestyle of peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17) using the keys and laws of the Kingdom as a lifestyle.
  Laughter makes you feel like you're dreaming! Prophetically, laughter frames your future because faith produces joy and that births God's promises. (Sarah laughed when told she'd have a son in her old age. When he was born, she named him Isaac, which means 'laughter.')
   Renewing your thinking on the unshakable Kingdom of God transforms you to start acting like you're unshakable! Fear of the future will be shaken; and "At destruction and famine you will laugh." (Job 5:22). 
  Everything around you that can be shaken will --But Not You!


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