March 9 2020


Speak the Language of the Kingdom of God


A word in the Jewish Season of Adar
Today I was meditating and listening to the Spirit of the Lord when I was suddenly prompted tonight to share this revelation out of the time and season that we are in. This month on the Hebrew calendar depicts the times and season of laughter, celebration and joy.
Although the enemy comes roaring loudly like a lion in this season, the worthy Lion of the Tribe of Judah is the authentic Lion, and is ready to ROAR from ZION! When the enemy is showing his hand it is a sure sign that you MUST Refuse and RESIST to TAKE fear from him -- do not let the enemy steal your goods! You are so close to the due season! God will do it!

Fear Laughs!
The full armor of God is getting a full workout. The warfare is on the left and the right. But this season of Adar declares that fear will laugh! This is an oxymoron--in this case, where two contradictory spiritual forces (fear and laughter) are connected and acted upon in truth, the result is breakthrough!

Notice that Job 5:22 says that "At destruction and famine you shall laugh. . . ." In other words, we are instructed to act in faith when the enemy hits-- by releasing the power of JOY residing in the Kingdom of God that is within you. Laughter and joy are the languages of the Kingdom of God, and the enemy flees!

You can act in the opposite spirit when the enemy is lying and trying to get you into fear, doubt, and unbelief. You can release the opposite -- the spirit of faith -- when fear is before you.

Proverbs 31:25 says, "...she LAUGHS at the future." the Message Bible translation reads "... she always faces tomorrow with a SMILE." (caps mine)

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